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Hotel Escort Amsterdam – The Red Light District

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on July 19, 2023

Hotel Escort Amsterdam – The Red Light District

Hotel Escort Amsterdam is one of the city’s top attractions. Situated at its core in walking distance to many popular tourist spots like Dam Square, The Waag, and Central Station; within the Red Light District are famous tourist sites like window brothels and sex shops as well as museums, theaters, cafes and prostitution (legal in this district with strict rules that regulate its activities).

Women behind the windows wear revealing bikinis or lingerie that shows ample cleavage, often dancing and turning their bodies to display their curves and some even having their sex toys on display. Tourists from Eastern European countries, Latin America and Africa visit often; as well as native girls from the Netherlands.

Remind yourself that prostitutes in window displays are real people; always act respectfully when interacting with them and do not point, laugh at, or make crude remarks as this could get you kicked out of a brothel. Also avoid touching workers as this could jeopardise their jobs; photographing these women without permission can lead to bouncers breaking your camera or phone!

Apart from brothels, there are also sex shops where you can hire girls for private sessions. These sex shops are regulated by the city and must pass health checks and pay taxes; thus becoming popular venues among couples or groups who want a sexual encounter in a central location of a city.

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